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Titel: München - daneben - Kelele - a black transfeminist perspective - 13.3.18 19:30
Beitrag von: daneben am 05. März 2018, 19:55:59

(Kiswahili*noun) - a sound especially one that is loud or that causes

A symphony of dissonance, A pervasive Subversion.
Living outside of the gender binary is abundance often mistaken as
absence. To live at the intersection of white colonial fears and
fantasies is to fashion a self out of nothingness, giving birth to self
over and over again.

Who is Kelele? What is Kelele?

A Black Transfeminist Perspective.

Keith King

Open to all genders
UKB: ab 2,50€
Vegan Soup from 19:00h

daneben im Tröpferlbad, Thalkirchnerstr 102, 80337 München